Wednesday, February 22, 2012

M ' s / b r e a k f a s t

I am so happy to say that this is M's favorite breakfast (and school snack as well). To make it, you need about a cup of pitted dates, a cup and a half of almonds and lots of  ground cinnamon (personal preference). Put all 3 ingredients in a good /strong food processor and  mix it until it comes together in a ball (about a minute). Remove it from the mixer. Now the fun part: divide the dough into bite size, round shape pieces (maybe 20).  M eats this for breakfast with a banana or a peace of toast..the possibilities are endless..  feel free to mix it up an use different nuts (i love walnuts and pecans) or even roll them into unsweetened coconut flakes ...Date-almond balls are definitely a staple in our home... one that i feel really good about..

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